April 1, 2011

Eclectic Perfection - Lauren Leiss

Lauren Leiss just previewed this room she designed for the DC. Design house this morning and I am in  L-O-V-E! To me this is design perfection.  Have you ever known a designer to execute rooms exactly how you had it in your mind? Well she does just that for me.  Go here for the breakdown of what she used and where they are from. The textiles, curtains and chair are from her new line!  I can go on and on about this room.

Oh, and everything in the room is for sale!



  1. Love the contrasting fabric on the chair! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope you stop back and sign on to follow!
    xo Cathy

  2. How crazy is this? I just read that post, looked at the wall, and thought of your new little painting. Then came to visit you and it's all full circle.

  3. I love the lamp! her style is so old school and I love it!