April 9, 2011

Love it or Hate it?

I love it! I went GoodWillin' with my friend this weekend and the GoodWill Gods were with us! We both left with a cart full! I didn't buy this lamp because I don't need any more lamps. A fact about myself is that I am obsessed with bowls and lamps. I have way too many of both! So sadly I left this guy behind. I wanted to share it with you though because I thought it was unique. I like the hand blown sea glass with a green tint and the weaving that was used. Then to top it off, there is a strap of old leather at the top, can you see it? With a white linen shade I though it would look chic.  What do y'all think of it.... Love it or Hate it? 
 By the way, my best friend hated it.  We work because we are opposites and can laugh "at" each other and "with" each other.  She was definitely laughing "at" me here...



  1. Heather! I have to say I hate it! but I love you! :)

  2. Oh, I LOVE it! Yes, about the white linen shade. I can see it on the corner of a white parsons desk or console with a good seagrass rug and a bamboo chair painted a fun color-- or in he corner of a kitchen counter. I have a lamp problem too and have resolved not to buy anymore unless I have a specific spot to put it (HA!) or unless it comes as part of a pair. (HA! HA!)

  3. What fun! Shopping with friends is the best. I have to say the lamp is not my thing, but I can appreciate how cool it is!

  4. Oh, definitely a "love it" moment. I am so jealous of your Goodwill finds, I can't even tell you...

  5. Hi there Heather!
    I think this lamp holds a lot of potential and would work great in a summerhouse. Enjoyed to read that you and your friend are the opposite, but despite that can laugh 'at' and 'with' eachother. True friendship!!!
    I´m so glad to see that you´ve signed up the be one of my latest followers! I love your blog and your images from your own place in the right column looks absolutely AMAZING! I feel I have a lot of catching up to do here. So exciting!
    Ps. Of course I´ve signed up to be your latest folower as well:)!

  6. I positively adore it! I wish I had found it. LLUVIT!