April 8, 2011

Spring Coat

Just added this jacket to my Spring wardrobe. I am super excited. I have heavy coats and rain jackets living in Oregon, but no lighter weight jacket. I spotted this jacket on Camille's blog where she is updating her Spring wardrobe too. Great find at a great price!



  1. Heather, I could not love the Lands End Canvas any more than I do. Not fuddy-duddy at all (despite my previous misconception). I have several pieces since they came out with the line last year and they are stylish without being trendy. Oh, and the great sales they have don't hurt either!

    Love your jacket choice!

  2. I want to entire outfit! Going to check it out. Initially thought it was JCrew, but after reading Ashley's comment it must be Lands End.

  3. Yay! It arrived! Mine has not...
    Do you love it? How does it fit?
    Linked back to your blog in a post just now and found that you had linked to mine!