July 29, 2011

Adding Black

Yesterday I blogged about the color black in interior design.  I have been wanting to add a bit of black in my own home.  I love how black grounds a room and I needed that in my living room.  I needed something to balance out the dark leather couch.  So today I'm revealing my newly painted mantel!  It took some guts to start painting, but as the days go by, I like it more and more. 



Sorry for the glare.  I gathered inspiration from here.  So what do you all think?!  I am still playing with the accessories but it is getting there.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. That's a gutsy move. But it looks great! I enjoy black here and there.

  2. Oh yeah!!! I absolutely love it. Good, good move.

  3. I really really really REALLY love it!!!

  4. Your black mantel looks great! Just more incentive for me to change mine! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your comment so I could find your lovely version!