July 9, 2011

Garden Time

I was out in the garden yesterday and thought I would snap some shots to let you all see where I spend most of my time in the Summer. Here in Oregon, I only have my sacred little garden for a few months before it goes into hibernation.  If I have a free day, I love to read and blog in my backyard. The sound of the wind chimes and watching the Blue Jay's land in the seed bowl make me so calm. 

This last picture is not a bulldog garden statue, she is the real deal. Any time of the day you can find her sun bathing in the yard. She is too funny!
Hope your enjoying your weekend!


  1. Oh my gosh, your dog cracks me up!!! Your yard is so pretty!!! I bet it wouldn't surprise you in the least that I've been eyeing that very succulent wall hanging. Also, will you tell me where you got the metal garden orb?
    Happy weekend, Friend!

  2. Heather,
    I LOVE your new blog header! I've been away at the beach for the last week and just clicked over to see it. Fantastic! M.

  3. AH! Your dog is the cutest thing! Love him and your garden is wonderful. Can you come and put my backyard together? Please?

  4. She makes me want a dog! The garden looks great!