July 8, 2011

Sister Parish

I just can't get enough of Sister Parish Textiles! Every time I see it being used in design I think to myself, I have never seen a print I don't like. The textiles/wall coverings are simple yet eclectic. The prints are mainly small, almost becoming a neutral. The above picture from House Beautiful used Sister Parish textiles on the side chairs. I love the blue medallions on the cream.

 This is my favorite print: Desmond. You can get your hands on a yard for 30 bucks here. That is a steal.

Happy Friday,


  1. I agree!! The fabric on those chairs is stunning and really makes that room! Take care, Caroline

  2. Oh that fabric in mint is gorgeous!!

  3. I just finalized my order for the Sister Parish "Tucker" fabric for the chair and ottoman in my living room--I'm so excited to share the "afters", especially with you, a fellow SP admirer!