July 18, 2011

I'm a Copy Cat


Everyone by now has seen this glorious room featured in the latest issue of Lonny right?! I even blogged about it here.  Well after dissecting this room, I was scrolling over the objects with my mouse to see where they are from and I literally squealed out loud when I saw I could own part of this room!
That's right, I saw great design and copied it! If you blog and enjoy other blogs you probably have done it too! We are saturated with beautiful images that get ingrained in our pretty little heads.  Anyways.... this is what I copied....

The alpaca stone white pillow covers from West Elm.  I am in love love love!  When I saw them in the Lonny photo, I was really drawn to how they added so much texture.  Well they do the same in my living room! 

* Funny story... When I went online to purchase them they were on sale for 14 bucks! I about died. I then preceded to add them to my cart.  After placing them in, a box popped up saying out of stock!!! I then squealed again(not the good kind) and called West Elm in Portland.  The only one in our state.  They said they were also out of stock due to the Lonny Mag shoot. I thought, "Oh good, I'm not the only one who copies!"  They said there were 2 stone white cases on hold for a woman who had until 8 pm to pick them up, if not they are yours.  That night I said an extra prayer that the woman decides against the pillows.  Well ladies...there is a GOD!  Let's just say I was at the doors the next morning.



  1. congrats! that is a really nice living room too. i <3 lonny!

  2. Yay!! What a great story to tell about those fabulous pillows! Take care, Caroline

  3. The power of prayer :) So glad you gave those pillows a good home. They look great in your living room.

  4. I'm glad to see that the pillows made it home with the right lady! They look great!

  5. Never, ever stop Heather when she wants something is the moral of this story! Love em.