August 16, 2011


 Peacock's are beautiful, bold, classy,colorful and stately.  All the characteristics you want in your decor right?  So why wouldn't you add a little peacock to your space? 

I recently purchased a peacock inspired piece for my casa.  I will share as soon as it hits my door step.

* Images found on Pinterest using keyword: peacock



  1. I wonder what it is...? Fabric? A painting?

    I have to tell you that the room with the green drapes just makes me sigh with happiness.

    So, we were at the zoo recently, where they let the peacocks roam free. I was so taken with one, I actually contemplated yanking a few feathers from it's tail, but thought better of it!

  2. I love a peacocks colors! So beautiful and royal! I have a great pair of peacock earrings!

  3. I have added a little bit of peacock flare to my space. I have a bouquet of peacock feathers in a crystal vase in my dining room. I love the feathers and they add a bit of drama.

    I haven't done anything with my grandfather clock yet. I hope that I will be able to get to it next week. I'll post pics!

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. Ok, I'm loving the peacock!! ( and yes the pillows are c&b :) x