October 10, 2011

My Birthday Wish

Hello ladies, sorry for the lack of posts. Our server went down over the weekend and it left me postless.  If you read only for design, this post might be a bit wordy. Sorry in advance.

This week I will turn one year older.  I’m not saying that to rise birthday wishes from you, but to share how sometimes it takes a turning point in life to get you thinking.  I have been thinking for quite awhile now about how we are consumed by one beautiful picture after the next via, pinterest, magazines, blogs ect.  We gaze at images looking for impact, ideas, and what next object we “need.”  I am so guilty of this, finding myself in stores on a weekly basis being goodwill or a department store looking for the next purchase that would make my home more complete.  Is it that I am looking for an object to make my home more complete or me more complete? Scary question, I know!

As I dug a bit deeper I found that I might have a bit of a problem “just being.”  I am always trying.   Well this year instead of trying so hard I am going to “just be” more.  I am going to stop comparing and be more content with what I do have. I am going to stop trying to acquire as much and admire more. Goals and priorities are important, but it can be so easy to get caught up in what you wish you had, that you lose appreciation for what you already have. Instead of buying nick knacks at Goodwill, that can add up, I am going to save for that one special item that I want to stare at for many years to come. Who knows, all those two buck finds at Goodwill could add up to a trip to Venice?
 Next year as I turn another year older, I hope these thoughts become lessons and I am not just another year older, but wiser. Hope I didn’t completely bore you guys with my ramblings. 



  1. I agree completely! The move that I am going through right now has made me think about the same things too...has helped me gain a lot of perspective! Take care, Caroline

  2. Oh, my dear Heather, happy birthday. And, boy, can I relate. It is always eye-opening to reflect at the passing of another year, but this is an important revelation. Wishing you a wonderful, contented year!

  3. Amen. And happy, happy birthday to you!

  4. You didn't bore me at all. I totally agree. Happy birthday Heather!

  5. All good thoughts at this milestone time. Happy birthday!