October 12, 2011

Stella & Dot Give Away

October is Breast Cancer awareness month.  I think every month we are all aware of how cancer has devastated many families.  I know first hand friends.  For the month of October, Stella & Dot is selling the above Tribute bracelet with 20% of the proceeds going towards research.  I just got my bracelet in the mail and it is really cute! Rose gold with faceted crystals.  It is selling for $36. 

Tribute bracelet with other Stella & Dot bracelets

My goal is to sell 50 for the month of October and I need your help only being half way. 
 I thought I would make it even more enticing than just having one adorable bracelet. How? Well when you purchase the bracelet, I will put your name in a drawing for a $50 dollar Stella & Dot credit to pick out whatever you desire!!!!!  The odds are, I will probably only get 5 to 10 of you interested so the odds are on your side!  With half the Stella & Dot line being under $50, you will be sure to find something to add to your wardrobe.  I will reveal the winner November 1st! 
You can support such an important cause while looking fashionable ladies!  To purchase the Tribute bracelet which will automatically put you in the drawing just leave me a comment or email me and I will put your order in! Then, make sure to check out the Stella & Dot website to take a look at some of their other items, because they could be yours on November 1st!

Here is a picture of my Mom & I.  My mom taught me to never use the word "hate."  But I use it often when speaking of cancer.

You will never be forgotten Mom.  Love always....


  1. Hate is okay when referring to cancer.
    I was going to order the bracelet the other day, but the Stella and Dot website says they are sold out.
    xo Cathy

  2. You two look beautiful! I am bawling like a baby right now just looking at the picture! Love you!