January 4, 2012


Remember this post about my bedroom nook revamp? The side table in the picture is one of my favorite pieces I chose for the space. It adds warmth and texture to our little corner. 
To my surprise, I was browsing West Elm enjoying their new Spring line and ran across this table.

West Elm

 Almost identical to the side table in our bedroom, except for the price tag.  This table at West Elm is going for 199.00. 

Cost Plus World Market

 I purchased our table at Cost Plus for 120.00 with a 20% off coupon you can print out online. Just in case you are in the market for a fun side table. Doing the math, that saves you a bit over 100 bucks!



  1. Love finding deals like this! Great job! Take care, Caroline

  2. Nice find! I love this table so much for the texture and warmth it brings--and in fact, I just specified it for a client's living room I'm working on. And kinda want it for myself too ;-)

  3. I've always loved the look of these ethnic tables and have seen price points all across the board. The last few times I've been into World Market, I'm so tempted to grab one but I need to find a space for it first. Or maybe I should buy now, find a spot later! Looks great in your space!

  4. Love your corner and what a deal! I love West Elm though but not when you can find it for half off somewhere else....even better.

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous examples of each, but I think my favorite is your own! :)

  6. Shoot, meant to comment on the open shelving post. But actually the comment would work here too!