December 3, 2011

Bedroom Installation Part 2 - Accessorizing

I promised I would share pictures of my bedroom nook after I added some finishing touches.  I managed to throw it together this weekend.  After all I didn't buy anything new.  Isn't fun to go shopping in your own home?!  So again if you didn't catch this post, here is the before picture of the new chair and side table.

Before Accessorizing -

After Accessorizing -

Here it is after a I added some of my favorite things. 

Here is the breakdown of the accessories...

Small gilded frame - Vintage shop for 1.99.
Sunburst post card from Italy that Mom sent me while vacationing - free but special.
Wood frame with family picture - Goodwill, 99 cents
Blue and white porcelain bowl - 3 for a dollar at Goodwill
Tea light holder - 3 bucks at Cost Plus years ago
Silver Paul Revere bowl - Goodwill, a dollar and change.
Begonia Plant - 10 dollars ( I have to have a living plant in every room.)
Two framed photos leaning on floor - Pulled from other rooms. One is framed remnant fabric and the other is a photo of my mother.
All in all, this was one cheap make over.  Now on to crossing more projects off my list ;)



  1. Love the vignette. Side table is killer.

  2. How pretty! I love the mix of finishes with the wood, nubby fabric, different metals, greenery. I bet it makes you happy to look in this little corner of yours.

  3. Heather, this is such a beautiful set of images and the side table is composed of the loveliest accessories. And what bargains!

  4. Absolutely perfect. Love the mix of materials and the fact that it all came together so affordably.

  5. Yes! The perfect touches make all the difference. Leaves me wanting to see more of the room!