February 6, 2012

Another Campaign

When I showed you a sneak peak of this peace a few weeks ago, everyone assumed it was a dresser.  I was excited to show you guys it was actually a desk.  I have never seen a campaign desk before and was pretty excited to find it for 25 bucks at GoodWill. People really don't know what they are throwing out!

Really shows what a bit of sanding, priming and painting can do.  I also cleaned up the hardware. They were really rusty. 

I was asked by a fellow blogger where I was going to put it?  I should mention I hardly ever keep the pieces I do.  I sell them and all that extra income goes towards our adoption.  When I work on pieces to sell I feel one step closer to meeting our son.

Be Well,


  1. Fantastic job, Heather! Whoever purchases this from you will be a very happy person.

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  3. Eek, bad grammar in the last comment. What I was saying is that I can't think of a combination I like more than brass and black. Stinkin' gorgeous. I'd love to know how you sell your pieces. And of course, so awesome that it brings you that much closer to Collin.

  4. I so wish I could refinish furniture. I am shocked it's the same piece! I'm also warmed to my soul by your last comment. Will be praying for your family to grow! M.