February 2, 2012

Gregory Mellor

Gregory Mellor has my heart when it comes to design.  I have talked about the importance of scale and texture as design elements before and he is the master of both.  You have probably seen the above picture floating around the web. Here are a few more examples of Gregory's design. Pay attention to how he incorporates scale, texture, mixing of finishes and warm colors to make an overall "collected over time" look. 


He is one designer I would hand the keys of my home over to without any hesitation.

* All photos were found on Gregory Mellor's personal site linked above.

I can't forget to mention that I will show you what I did with this diamond in the rough on Monday.  She is primed, painted and staged!

Be Well,


  1. One of my all time favorite living rooms is this one. But that shot of the kitchen is pretty much to die for too. Your phrase "handing over the keys" is such a wonderful way to express how impressed you are with his work. I'd hand over my keys to Gregory Mellor too. Also, Mark Sikes. His home in L.A. is ....sigh.

  2. Oh my gosh... love! These pictures are entirely new to me. Where have I been? Off to check out his portfolio.

    ps. been thinking of painting our living room white. the top picture convinces me.

  3. Love his style, it has a masculine quality but not over the top. M.

  4. Absolutely agree. That living room so speaks to me, and I'd happily live in any of the spaces you've shown. Have to check out more of his work.