February 17, 2012

Then and Now



I know the first picture is hard on the eyes, but you have to give me credit for trying!  The ONLY thing I miss about the first picture is my fiddle leaf fig tree.  Sadly, they're really hard to keep alive! Do you like my tacky poster I purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond? Don't answer that! I also had a hard time displaying  accessories. I have learned that if you love it, display it!  Not that the "NOW" picture is perfect in design by any means.  It is far from House Beautiful worthy.  It might need some tweeking, but I smile when I walk in the room.  
I have learned at least one important lesson over the years...

Be Well,


  1. So lovely and layered now. Too bad the fiddlehead didn't make it!

  2. I totally agree with that saying and am working on that in our home. I love the small woven table you have next to the chair!
    So sorry to hear your fig died....any tips for someone who just bought one??? I hope mine doesn't have the same fate.

  3. Lissa- I loved my fig tree but it didn't like the North West. I live in Oregon and they like light. A few tips I learned the hard way. They like to have moderate natural light. Rotate the tree weekly if only one side is getting light or the leaves will turn yellow and get black spots. They don't need as much water in the winter and keep your home above 65 degrees. Hope this helps!

  4. Lovely!! I would love to see more of the room!

  5. You style is definitely more layered now and it reads more global, a bit British Colonial. But don't undermine your earlier decorating efforts either. I actually like your room both ways!