March 27, 2012

Messy or Collected


Messy or collected?  I ran across this picture and I first thought it looked like a cozy nook with the books and gallery wall.  Then I looked at it closer and saw all the little objects on the shelves.  I'm sure most of us can relate to this look in some part of our home. 

I would love to know your take on this space. Do you find this image more messy or collected?


  1. I would say it's collected, because it looks somewhat orderly. :) And I do think it's beautiful, but I truely don't think I could like with it day in and day out. I suppose it does make a difference though, that all those knicknacks have meaning and significance to the owner. Sometimes I kinda wish I was more artsy with decorating, but we each have to be true to ourselves, right?! :)

  2. I can really see the appeal of this photo, but it's a bit much for me -- probably because I grew up in a messy house. It's that pull, isn't it, between collected and edited? I'm never sure exactly where the line is for me. Is that true for you too?