March 29, 2012

Photo Ledge DIY

I totally forgot I never shared pictures of our photo ledge that I talked about trying here.  Sorry for the delay, but better now than never.  I am really happy with how it turned out.  It fills an otherwise odd empty space with a bit of interest.  Did I mention it was a super cheap DIY.


Here is the empty wall at the top of our landing.  The walk space is narrow with no room for a piece of furniture.  The light switch always threw me off when hanging a piece of art.  It seamed to always make the art look unbalanced.  I decided that a photo ledge would be a fun way to be able to cherish fun family memories. 

 Here is the wall with my new photo ledge.  If you look close you will notice one frame at the end waiting for a family memory to be saved.  We are going on vacation  this April for our anniversary and hope to fill it.

Here is the how to....

Using one ledge only went half way across the wall so I purchased two and used wood filler to fill in the seam between to make it unnoticeable.

Wood Filler & Caulking

I caulked underneath and all around the shelve. Then I painted over the caulking with our existing wall paint for a built in look.


Be Well,


  1. LOVE IT! And clearly you've thought of everything by using wood filler--makes this feel like a built-in, permanent piece. Happy weekend, my dear!

  2. You're so stinkin crafty!! I Love it and I was wondering when you would finally share this!!!

  3. It looks amazing! So perfect for this space.