April 17, 2012


Beautiful design work of Mandi Smith from Interior Design Musings

I have been really inspired by the color green lately.  Spring could be the reason, but I tend to think I have always been drawn to the color.  I tend to decorate with natural elements and neutral colors anyway.
While thinking about this post, I noticed I have green to some extent in every room of my house.  Isn't it funny when you notice an element of design that you replicate.  I also am known to do that with glass and bowls.
I ran across the picture below on Pinterest and immediately noticed the green blanket against the all white bedding.  Lovely!  I am now on the hunt for a green wool blanket of course. 
Weather in small doses like a throw blanket or a statement like the below collection of green dishes, green is timeless, natural and earthy. 



I NEED those pendants!


Do you have a color you gravitate to? 

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