April 17, 2012

Next DIY?

West Elm

I really like these modern iron lanterns from West Elm.  I don't like them enough with a price tag of 40 bucks.  I find that a little steep.  I did however find spot the below lanterns at Home Goods yesterday and noticed they had the same lines as the above ones.  I know they aren't exactly the same having handles and frosted glass centers,  but the frosted centers slide right our leaving room for a pillar candle just like the West Elm lantern.  It would be easy enough to take some iron black spray paint to them and viola!  With a price tag of 12 bucks a lantern at Home Goods, I am debating my next DIY?

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1 comment:

  1. I love the idea. And I've seen those lanterns at Home Goods - you could make that work really well!