April 13, 2012

Steel Trellis Part II

I liked the results of my first trellis that I shared here, so  I decided to duplicate them in the backyard.  I have two young star jasmine climbers and had them on their original steaks.  After adding the trellis, I already like the width it looks like the jasmine will cover.  I am really "diggin" ( No pun intended)  the contrast of the wood fence with the steel wire. 
If you are interested in seeing the step by step process for the steel trellis go here.  Otherwise, here are some shots of the completed project.

I can't wait for the jasmine to cover the whole fence!  The smell will be heavenly.

Be Well,

1 comment:

  1. This is your yard! It looks incredible! The jasmine is going to be divine. Great job on the trellis.