April 11, 2012

Steel Trellis DIY Part:1

Thank you for all your kind responses to my exterior updates.  Here is the easy "How to" on the steel trellis.  It was so easy and under 10 bucks.  Sometimes the most simple of DIY's bring me the most joy. 
You will only need two supplies.  Galvanized steel wire and screw eyes ( picture below.)
Be sure to buy steel wire so the wire will hold up in the elements and not rust.

We measured out a 12" by 12" grid, marking the wall with a pencil.  Drill pilot holes for the placement of the screw eyes. 

Then simply string steel wire from the lowest screw eye to the highest on the same side laterally. Duplicate on the other side.  Continue the same process horizontally finishing by twisting the excess wire around the trellis. ( Pictured above.) 

Besides the modern appeal of this trellis,  I also liked the idea of being able to add to it as your vine grows.  I plan to continue the trellis over our garage door as soon as the vine grows another foot or two. 
I was also asked by a few followers what type of vine it is.  It is Wisteria.  The vine is covered with beautiful green foliage and clumps of purple hanging flowers.  A few more months and it will be full of blooms!

Be Well,


  1. What a great idea although I am a little concerned for this type of support system for Wisteria. I love Wisteria but with my experience, they need strong support because they do develop a lot of girth. We have one climbing a support system with the main support being a 10" x 10" wood post and the trellis system made of 2" x 4". After 8 years, the truck of this sweet vine is 12" diameter and strong. They are beautiful but they do need strong support.

    1. Wow! Your Wisteria sounds amazing. I have seen them get huge and that is a concern of mine. Although ours is planted in a larger pot at the base of our driveway. We don't have dirt around the driveway to plant it in the ground. I'm hoping that by having it in a pot, the roots will only grow so big before the plant can't get carried away. Any thoughts? Thanks for your advice Tammy!

    2. I have never tried one in a pot but very possible it would keep it smaller in size. They are beautiful vines and I even think they are beautiful in the winter months with bare wood. We are moving into a new home (next week) and I do plan on planting another one somewhere. Can't wait to see yours in bloom! BTW, I enjoy your blog! ~Tammy

  2. It looks gorgeous already I can't wait to see it in full bloom!

  3. This is awesome! It is going to look SO good!