April 9, 2012

Weekend in Pictures

Hope you all enjoyed Easter weekend.  Typically, Easter is a busy weekend with my husband being a youth pastor but this year he didn't have a ton of responsibility so we were able to enjoy it together.  This was the first weekend with some sunshine.  In Oregon, people come out of hibernation when this happens!  I picked up some plants at a nursery (above picture) to plant a window box.  I have never really been drawn to color in plants besides greens and whites.  Is that weird?

Hanging with my favorite girl in the sun.

Found this cool Chemistry beaker set at a antique store and purchased the large one for a cool vase.

With the warm weather, I pulled out a new maxi dress I have been excited to wear.  Gotta love classic stripes.

We are adding some updates to the exterior of our house.  One of the updates was a steel trellis we made for my vines to climb over our garage door.  Just waiting for some leaves!  Tomorrow I will be sure to talk about the modern trellis DIY.

I couldn't leave out the most exciting part of my weekend.  Kaylee Nicole entered the world.  Her mom is my best friend and I am pumped about the new addition in my life.  It is also so amazing to be entering this next season of  motherhood together.

Here's to a great week!

Be Well,


  1. Awesome dress! So I have to ask- where did it come from? I think because spring came early for us here in VA, I have been in the summer wardrobe mood for awhile now. I decided not to worry about the pasty white skin situation. lol.

    Looking forward to more info about your trellis! We are finally tackling our landscaping and it includes one for a hydrangea vine, which I am really excited about! What do you have growing on your trellis?

    1. Katie, the vine is Wisteria. Grows really fast and has huge clumps of purple flowers.
      The dress is from a small boutique. Soryy that doesn't really halp you out.

  2. I love this series, Heather! Just like I love the dress (so cute, great stripes!), the mix of greenery you got, the super cool new vase, the idea of a climbing vine AND that babe (SOOO cute!!).

    BTW, no wonder I was so confused about your house. That photo was over the GARAGE, not your door, right? I knew you had painted your door black...
    Anyway, I can't think of a nicer way to spruce up the garage than a climbing vine to grow over it.

  3. I was about to ask about the dress too :) It's really cute!

  4. From the looks of it, you have a fantastic weekend, Heather. Now, inquiring minds want to know: where'd you get that cute dress?

  5. I just can't take my eyes off the last picture. What a beautiful shot!

  6. Omg those little fat rolls on the back of your bull dog lol! Can't help but make me smile.

    I just became an auntie last week. Errybody is having babies!