May 29, 2012

Window Watching

Apartment Therapy

I ran across this photo a few months back and it really intrigued me.  At first glance I saw two corner windows.  Looking again I noticed one window was creatively a mirror.  I love how the mirror reflects the window and vice versa.  How cleaver.  Well what do you do when you run across something so cleverly fantastic? Copy!

I put my mirror a bit higher than the first photo because before we know it there will be a little guy getting his sticky fingers all over everything, and I can't wait ;)

Before the mirror, I had nothing in that corner.  I now feel like each side of the hallway arch speak to each other and look balanced without looking two similar.  The mirror also bounces light around which is nice.

I added an Ethiopian basket above the mirror to create a little vignette and add some warmth and texture to my new white walls.  The adoption agency gifted us the basket when we were put on the list as a "Family in waiting."  It is very dear to me. 
I look forward to sharing the progress of the living room.  Thank you to all who left comments about the white walls.  I appreciated all the support and great ideas.  I love feedback!

Be Well,


  1. Beautiful! Those lanterns on either side of the doorway are fabulous, as is the special Ethiopian basket. I love seeing your spaces, Heather!

  2. Great idea to balance things out. Love those shots of your room--you have so much interest going on. And I agree with Ashley, those lanterns are the bomb.

  3. That is so cool! That mirror/window trick just adds more sunshine to your interior!

  4. How pretty! Really like that chair and your skirted table. And I LOVE the basket, especially the meaning behind it. So lovely.

  5. Heather, it looks great! Love the lanterns and the burlap tableclothed round table in the corner. I want to walk over to it to see what lovely things you have on the table!!

  6. Bringing in a mirror is such a great idea to bounce light around your room - I'd like to do the same thing in our dining room too. I just need to find the right mirror for the right price. It looks great!

  7. Love it, Heather! Love that shot of the doorway too!

    Oh the power of mirrors. And a good basket or two.


  8. Looks fabulous! Not sure what you were talking about in the "cold department" now it's totally warm and inviting. Loving the candle sconces on either side of the doorway. M

  9. You definitely achieved the balance there. Your home is looking wonderful!