June 8, 2012

I'm Sexy and I Know It

This pillow from Anthropologie has got sex appeal!  I first saw it pinned on Pinterest and on my "Wish List" it went.  I never thought the wish of owning it would become a reality due to the $150 price tag.  But the pillow Gods were in my favor!  I was browsing Anthro this week and saw it in the sale room for $50.  That is still more than I would normally spend on a pillow but I couldn't get it off my mind and I learned the hard way that if you see something that makes you so happy you can't forget about it, you better buy it! So I did and now it lives on our bed.  It will probably live in every room of our house from time to time.  It just looks good everywhere! 

Have an amazing weekend friends!


  1. It would look great in many rooms - good deal! I just got my Anthro birthday coupon in the mail so I can't wait to take a trip over soon to use it.

  2. What a great find. And the best finds are those that can travel around your home and look fresh and fun no matter the room. So cool!

  3. Loving the simplicity of the rest of your bed with the fun pillow. So much great texture!