July 4, 2012

Happy 4th

Happy 4th everyone!  I loved catching up on sll my favorite blogs this morning to see how you are celebrating.  We are having our annual block party.  All our neighbors bring out their bbq's to the side walk and we have a huge pot luck.  I am in charge of corn and this year.
I have received a few emails asking if everything is ok due to my lack of posts.  Sorry for the radio silence.  We have been gone for almost 3 weeks.  First California and then Puerto Vallarta!  We called the trip our "babymoon," knowing it might be one of the last major trips we take for awhile.  I know in the near future my reality will change from laying out by the pool with a margarita to applying floaties and being paranoid about sunscreen.  I couldn't be more ready! 
I will make sure to share pictures of our trip this week. 
Have a fun and safe 4th!

Be Well,


  1. Glad to hear you were away having fun! Happy 4th of July.

  2. Hope you had a wonderful three weeks, Heather! Sounds fun -- as does your block party.

    Makes me smile to think of you applying sunscreen and floaties. Maybe you can even sneak a margarita in there!

  3. Babymoon what a fab idea, wish my husband and I had though of that before our little man. I love the idea of a block party I hope it went well. xx Rachael

  4. I've been on a bit of a break too and was so happy to come back here and find you are enjoying your time off, Heather! Enjoy while you can. A babymoon sounds perfect right now. We need to get out of town ourselves--need to start planning as there's only 10 weeks to go now. Can't wait to hear your updates when you return.

  5. Hi! I miss my friend. No pressure, or anything. ;)