June 16, 2012


Hello Strangers!  I should be calling myself the stranger.  Life has been life (busy) and in my little free time I have ditched the computer for yoga and sitting in the backyard with my dog. 
 Lately my thoughts and inspiration have been miscellaneous.  I thought I would put them all in one post so I can move on in my own mind.
I am loving the organic elements in the above picture.  The wood, iron, woven basket, air plant and color scheme. Those pillows are quite glorious. 

A am really liking this wood post propped up in the corner of the room with the Terra cotta pot.  I would love to replicate this in my own living room.  I have my eye out for a post.  Lord knows I have enough plants to pick from ( Crazy plant lady.)

The iron bookshelf in the corner and the display of books flat with bindings out. Simple, stately, organized.

I love the black paint with the gold simple knobs.  It gave me the idea to paint Collin's dresser with chalk board paint and use brass hardware.

The light coming into this room is beautiful as well as the idea of incorporating a mirror in the gallery wall.

The perfect leather couch! Simple bead board with a photo ledge.  I'm trying to decide if this is what we are going to do behind our couch?

I love the coffee table with the stacks of books underneath.

The minute I saw this photo of the grey/blue against leather I was in love.

Simple black bead boarding. Never thought to paint it black before. Really liking how masculine it feels.

* All photos can be found and sourced from my boards.

Thanks for letting my mind ramble.  I promise to have a more organized post next time.

Be Well,


  1. Sometimes the random posts are the best! And it's so great to take some time out for LIFE and yoga and outside and dogs ;-)

  2. Yep, I'm with Casey - I like random stuff too. That first image is really pretty and I love that one toward the bottom with the leather and grey/blue.

  3. Black beadboard! Who would have thought. That's kind of amazing. Hope you are well, Heather!

  4. I am crazy about the image with the well-edited bookcases--that would be an absolute dream. And the black beadboard? Who would have thought such a plain material could add such character?

    Enjoy yoga and, most importantly, life sometimes. Hope you're well, my dear!

  5. Its amazing to combine the old traditional stuff in latest designing techniques. It makes more gorgeous effects view of the room.

  6. hello, just stopping over from pinterest...love your style, love the blog.