March 3, 2011

A New Addition

Can you spot the little bench under the table? Remember when I talked about the fabrics I scored at GoodWill? I had just the project in mind. A small bench I purchased months ago for under 5 bucks. It was in bad shape so I had to sand the wood down and put a fresh coat of stain on it.


Hear is the step by step

First I removed the top of the bench

Second, I removed the old fabric with a screw driver and added new batting to the frame.

Then I wrapped the new fabric, pulling it carefully so it laid smooth. Then stapled it around the edges.

And Viola! A new bench for under 5 bucks.



  1. Great job! Your quick and easy transformation looks fantastic!

  2. LOVE it.. the whole vignette is amazing :) x

  3. I wish I could have you over to help me with vignettes around my house. You are very gifted! the bench looks great.

  4. Your little stool got an amazing makeover with that fabric. Pretty oriental carpet too!

  5. I LOVE IT! So cute and such a great idea.