April 7, 2011

Timeless Ticking

The classic ticking stripe wallpaper inspired me in this photo. I love the timeless print. We see a lot of ticking in Country design but I don't want to limit myself to that.  Look at these next few pictures, they used ticking in upholstery in various styles.

Domino? - Ticking upholstered chairs

Domino - Ticking settee

Martha Stewart-Ticking upholstered bed

Martha Stewart- Ticking headboard

I'm thinking I want to wallpaper my guest bathroom and downstairs bathroom with dark navy ticking. I found this great choice from Sherman Williams. 

I'm curious to know what you guys think of classic ticking in a more modern design? Can it work?
Have any of you wallpapered before? Any pointers?



  1. Oh, I think it can definitely work. I swear, Heather, it is SO weird how I find myself attracted to something at the same time you do. Take the ticking and the block print for example. And navy. Is it just because we are be subtly influenced by all the images we see? I don't know, but it is uncanny.

    Anyway, how fun to do wallpaper! I love the idea.

  2. I found your blog through industrial cottage and just wanted to let you know that your post on dresser mirrors a few days ago inspired me to do a makeover of my own. Thanks for the inspiration! Love your blog:) Lori