December 1, 2011

Off the Wall

I have always admired a collected, textured and layered look.  So it was no surprise that I liked the idea of art leaning on the floor.  Have you noticed images with leaning floor art?  Maybe it's been on my mind because in our bedroom reading nook, I have some frames on the floor waiting to be hung and I am actually liking them on the floor. I know this isn't practical for many busy, kid and animal filled households, but our bedroom will be the only room we will still have to ourselves after the babe arrives... who am I kidding ;)
Here is a line up of some inspiring images with leaning floor art.

House Beautiful

Decor Pad

Pottery Barn



  1. I like pieces leaning too...lots of my mirrors are leaning against the wall on the floor...because they have not been hung yet:)...but love the looks in these images...keeps things looking casually collected! Take care, Caroline

  2. LOVE this look! I say keep that casual, collected, leaning-on-the-floor style for as long as you can!

  3. Once again, you've put together an amazing collection of images! I'd love to be able to lean photos on the floor. One day...