January 9, 2012

Weekend In Projects

Hope you all had a great first weekend of the New Year! Mine was filled with house projects. With the New Year here, I realized Collin will be here in no time (PRAYING!) I have had a list of projects and empty spaces I have been wanting to conquer since we moved. I figured it is now or never, because when our tot gets here, I know projects will be the last thing on my mind.  I added some color to our bedroom by adding some coral block print shams.  I will share more on that later. 

For now, a little teaser.  Here are some shots I took of projects I started.

 Project 1

Project 2

hmmmmm....Could that be a Campaign piece with a 25.00 price tag?!

Project 3

I had to share this picture of Gracie ( My weekend project helper.)  She would not leave me alone this weekend and I loved every minute of it.
I hope to share the finished projects with you sooner than later!

Be Well,


  1. That IS a campaign dresser! You lucky duck! Can't wait to see what's in store...

  2. So mysterious! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  3. Goodness, what are you doing with the campaign dresser?! I have one that's white that I want to paint but probably will never do it.

  4. Awesome! I'm so excited for this campaign dresser. I just got one for the shop (kinda want to keep it, of coarse but, there no room!)... I just checked out your adoption site. LOVE!! Wish you were closer, I'd love to connect, hang out, coffee. I'm thinking about pulling together a PNW blog party. Email me if you'd be interested in coming. (i know it would be far) ps. I love stella & dot!

  5. Didn't want you to go off imagining how a campaign DRESSER would turn out when it is actually a DESK!

  6. I know how much you've been wanting those West Elm shams!

    And regarding getting those projects done now, you are one wise, wise lady!


  7. Darn this teaser post! I can't wait to see what you've been up to!