March 4, 2012

Flowers on a Stick

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.  I was getting over a cold so I wasn't very productive unless you call getting in a few naps productive?  I did find time to watch Sleepless In Seattle (for the very first time)!  Where have I been?!
While the hub's was at the grocery store getting cold medicine, he picked up some forsythia for me.  He handed them to me and said, " I know you like the sticks with  flowers on them so I picked them up for you."  Totally sweet but I'm pretty sure Barney Rubble said something similar to his wife in the Flintstones! Well I do like the flowers on a stick and decided to showcase them in our entry way above. 
The adoption process is well on it's way!  We are now working with our social worker having interviews every week.  Last week Matt & I met with her together.  This past weekend, I met with her alone and next is Matt's turn.  After we are done with all our interviews this coming Friday, we will be soon considered A Family in Waiting!  That means we are waiting on the documents of a little guy to call our own! 
A client of mine is a children's shoe designer at Nike and brought in Collin ( our future son) some pretty cool shoes that are one of a kind! This kid now has more shoes than me! We have been so blessed by so many people. It warms my heart to know Collin is already so loved!

Sorry for the grainy picture.  I took it in the back room at work. 

Lastly, as I was watching movies I did a little cyber shopping which always makes me feel better when I am sick.  I have been eyeing a bathing suit from JCrew for awhile and I saw it was on sale!  Well it's mine now!  I love how the stripes are in such flattering directions. 


Thanks for letting me babble.  Have a great week everyone!

Be Well,


  1. I love that swimsuit!! Nice snag bud!

  2. Thanks for the good one piece info. Seriously will buy that THIS week. I've been looking for a one piece I feel... well, that feeling I used to feel when I was in a two piece; pre-twins. lol It's so cute, so excited to get it!

    Shoes-shoes-shoes!... You'll be SO thrilled when the time comes to use these that you have a big selection.

  3. Too funny. I just did a post last week called weeds in a vase, which was just what it was! Hope you can stop by soon, I'd love to get your opinion at my blog!

  4. Collin will be the most stylish little boy on the block with those shoes! How cool. And I can't wait to hear the update that you two are officially a "family in waiting"!

  5. Little boy shows are the best! I am so excited to hear your adoption is progressing.

  6. Flowers on sticks! So sweet! Cute suit, cute shoes -- so excited for this Family in Waiting.