March 2, 2012

Skirted Table Part: 2

Last week I posted about my undying love for Peter Dunham's Fig fabric spotted on the above skirted table.  I then shared the picture below of our skirted table.  I would give up a  finger for a Fig leaf skirted table cloth!
Days after that post, I was looking at the picture of our table thinking two things.

1. The vignette doesn't feel balanced
2.  I love that large silver lamp in the House Beautiful shoot.

It was time to start shopping around the house to perfect this little space.  I had an over scale silver lamp in the guest room that I thought might give the same effect as the House Beautiful picture.  I then added another one of my house plants to the right to balance the height on both sides.  Yes, I'm a crazy plant lady!  I love the look of a green corner with Spring coming. 

Here is the  picture before a few changes....

After a few changes...

Doesn't the lamp look just like the House Beautiful shot?!  I am happy with the little changes and the best part is it was free!

Be Well,


  1. Looks great! I think your before shot is beautiful but the taller lamp does make a big difference. Love your plants- what a perfect spot for them. Right in front of a window!

  2. How much fun is it to rearrange? Not only do I love your table vignette, but what's going on above it is pretty great too.

  3. The taller lamp looks great! I love discovering that things I already have on hand can work in new places in my home!

  4. It looks great - love how it turned out! Plus I just love burlap and linens. Gorgeous!

    Did you receive my guest post love? Thanks!

  5. I love a good house-shop! It looks great.