March 6, 2012

What's Does Your Table Say About You?

Have you ever taken a good look at your bedside table?  Do you have a photo of a loved one, tissue, chap stick, books or maybe a a special object from your travels?  What I'm getting at is, I think looking at someone's bedside table says a lot about that person.  If they are avid readers, minimalists ect. I think it is one of the most personal spaces in a house. What does your bedside table say about you?   Here are some beautiful bedside table vignettes.  Some are totally staged and others are a bit more realistic. 

* All images can be seen here.

Be Well,


  1. Every single image is stunning. I like to see how people chose to arrange their lamps in these -- close to the bed for reading or further away? The sconces are great too. I've always wanted to try that.
    My bedside table is a jumble of books I haven't finished plus a bunch of children's books. I need to spiffy it up. Thanks for the inspiration, H!

  2. Great pictures! I've been noticing bedside lamps lately too. I just switched ours out for smaller ones and now I don't have to l-e-a-n clear out of bed to turn it off. Who wants to do that when you're half asleep?! I love large lamps, but unless they have a metal base (for a touch adapter thing) I may have to stick with small.

  3. Love how some people put a mirror or framed piece behind the lamp. The 7th image is just stunning! I love how they used a console instead of a typical bedside table. Very inspiring post!

  4. wow, i love all of these - i'm such a fan of the layered look. I really like the night tables that have books stacked underneath them or on a bench. I also am a fan of the sconces leaving more room for personal things.

  5. Oh dear! Mine has four books, two permanent markers (not neatly stored in anything), a silver tray with Chapstick and a plastic glass on it, three unmatched socks from last nights laundery, an antique blue and white Japenese plate with a small tube of suncreen (in case there is a sudden burst of radiation in the night?) nestled in amongst a collection of small blue and white antique objects, a framed photo of my daughters, ANOTHER antique milk glass plate holding a cut glass ink pot (no INK!), a rock from one of my trips, a lovely bar of soap someone gave to me that has not made it to the bathroom, my mother's PEO pin that I need to return to the parent organization, a small box of antique turkey seals I forgot to put on the place cards at Thanksgiving and all the jewelry that I wore last week and did not put back in the jewelry box that sits on the dressing table in the bathroom. Guess my style would be messy!

  6. Lovely images. My bedside table clearly needs some sprucing up.