March 10, 2012

Kanta Chaise, Oh My!

I saw it in person ladies!  It is beautiful.  Block print fabric with grey velvet piping.  This Kanta chaise is a new item at Cost Plus and is simply beautiful.  The price tag makes it even more alluring at 350.00 on sale from 450.00.  Oh how I wish I had a place for this chaise. Maybe I can live vicariously through one of you?


Be Well,


  1. I'm with you - if only I could find the space. I've seen some wonderful things at Cost Plus - thanks for sharing the latest!

  2. What a gorgeous chaise - I'm jealous that you saw this in person! :) I love this style of chair, so comfy and luxurious!

    Sorry to bug ya again - but did you ever get my guest post? Hope your weekend is going well, thanks love! :)

  3. Hi found your blog a few days ago and loved it... especially your story about adopting Collin. l too adore ranunculus and l'm sure your social worker did too. I wanted to let you know that l've awarded your blog the Leibster award for blogs with under a hundred followers... please feel free to accept the award or not, but just wanted you to know that your blog is totally deserving. Have a wonderful rest of your week.
    PS If you'd like to accept just cut and paste from my blog.

  4. "Oh my" is right! I SO want this! In fact, I want two, to replace the daybed in my living room. Wow, wow, wow. Great find.

  5. I am thinking of ordering this - but haven't heard or seen any reviews.
    did any reader here actually purchase yet?

  6. Heather,

    My store doesn't carry this. I'm thinking of ordering it online but I won't have the opportunity to sit on it. You saw it in person... please tell me you sat on it! If so, how did it feel?