March 11, 2012

Weedend In Pictures

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.  Ours was busy as usual.  We had our last home visit with our social worker to complete our Home Study portion of the adoption.  In preparation for her arrival, I bought some fresh flowers to go on the coffee table.  I love ranuculus! 
On Saturday my new bathing suit that I talked about here, came in the mail!  I am so happy with it! Now I we just need some sun!
After the interview with our social worker we went out to celebrate with friends for happy hour. 
Lastly Nixon our bulldog and I had the opportunity to sleep in on Saturday. She needs her beauty sleep! 

Matt & I with our social worker

My new JCrew Suit

Happy Hour

Sleeping Beauty

Here's to a great week!

Be Well,


  1. You and Matt look so happy! I hope that means you won't be waiting too much longer!

  2. These are such great pictures!! You two are super cute together. Yay for celebrating and for being that much closer to Collin!

  3. So exciting your two are getting that much closer to Colin's arrival! P.S. That suit is adorable!

  4. Found you through Camille and so glad I did. I'm loving what I'm seeing! I'm your newest follower:)