April 1, 2012

Weekend in Pictures

The weekend went by too fast! Pulling a six day week will do that, blaahhh.  I managed to snap a few photos of my one day off to share with you all.  I picked up some Easter Lillies at Trader Joe's.  They are so fragrant!  Even though I haven't had a chance to sit in the living room to enjoy them yet, I know they are there.

Being an Esthetician, I try to have my nails always manicured ( I do them myself.)  Who wants to receive a facial from someone with chipping, dirty nails? Anyways, I found a new color by Essi that I love. It is called Madame Moiselle.  It is the perfect neutral pink. 

I found two pillows for my upstairs bench.  The larger one is from Home Goods.  All Linen!  The embroidered green pillow is from Pottery Barn on sale for 9.99!  I really like how the two speak to each other.

My good friend Ashley gave me this amazing blanket that she MADE!  Isn't it gorgeous?  She is one of the most selfless and thoughtful people I know.  Those two qualities make a friend for life folks.   I decided this will be the blanket we take to Ethiopia with us when we pick up Collin.
Ashley also has a blog where she shares delicious, healthy recipes.

Lastly,  I picked up this cute blouse at a boutique for $15.  I loved the little black dot like print and the cut of the shirt is really flattering.  I had to snatch it up for $15.

Hope you all had a great weekend. 

Wanting to know if you like the "Weekend in Photo's"  series that I have started?  Is it a keeper?

Before you leave, make sure to stop by The Vintique Object.  Camille is revealing her twin girls room.  It is fantastic!

Be Well,


  1. The quilt is just precious, and you're right, a friend like that is a friend for life! I like the series, keep it coming. By the way, I'm always looking for a good soft pink nail polish. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I love your new goodies. Wasn't that sweet of your friend Ashley to make that blanket for you! So special.

    And I always love to know a bit more about my friend, so keep this series coming. You manage to pack your one day way fuller of glamorous seeming things than I can do in a whole week!